Institut für Soziologie




Wintersemester 2020/21

Analytical Sociology: Theory and Empirical Applications

Online Seminar in Cooperation with the Academy of Sociology,
16.-17. November 2020





Monday, 16. November

Katrin Auspurg, Josef Brüderl
Has the Credibility of the Social Sciences Been Credibly Destroyed? Re-analyzing the “Many Analysts, One Data Set” Project

Andreas Schneck
Are most published research findings false? Trends in statistical power, selection bias and the false discovery rate in psychology (1975–2017) (PDF, 920 KB)

Ariane Bertogg, Sebastian Koos
Local Solidarity in Times of Crises. The Covid-19 Pandemic and the Emergence of Informal Helping Arrangements in Germany (PDF, 850 KB)

Axel Franzen, Fabienne Wöhner
The social dilemma of complying with the safety measures against the 1. Corona Pandemic

Sebastian Mader
Does lockdown save lives in the short term? The effect of government responses to the COVID-19 outbreak on mortality

Andreas Diekmann
Koordination, Kooperation, Verteilung. Soziale Normen in der Corona-Pandemie (PDF, 3 MB)

Christoph Bühler
The different forms of dower in Egypt?

Ole Brüggemann, Thomas Hinz
Fair gender wage gaps across Europe? Examining the role of occupational contexts in 26 countries (PDF, 1,2 MB)

Volker Ludwig, Laila Schmitt
Tracing the Gender Wage Gap over the Life-Course: An Analysis for Western Germany using Hybrid Models

Benita Combet, Barbara Zimmermann
Can gender differences in personality explain the gender wage gap in the early career? Evidence from a youth cohort in Switzerland


Tuesday, 17. November

Knut Petzold, Nicolai Netz
What makes academics suitable for a tenured professorship? Evidence from a factorial survey with university professors in Germany

Richard Nennstiel
No Matthew effects in competence growth over the school time, but the social origin achievement gap widens: A Bayesian multilevel approach using three German student cohorts

Christian Hunkler, Zerrin Salikutluk
Optimistic Immigrants, Disenchanted Refugees? Educational Plans Among Young Adult Refugees and Other Immigrant Groups in Germany

Dave Balzer, Nico Sonntag
Multiverse analysis of natural experiments. Systematic execution, presentation and interpretation of robustness analyses (PDF, 1,5 MB)

Stefanie Eifler, Heinz Leitgöb
Theoretical and Statistical Models for the Analysis of Two-Stage Decisions
with an Application to Criminal Decision Making (PDF, 360 KB)

Noah Buckley, Ora John Reuter, Michael Rochlitz, Anton Aisin
Staying Out of Trouble: Criminal Cases Against Russian Mayors (PDF, 1 MB)

Felix Wolter, Andreas Diekmann
False Positives and the “More-is-Better” Assumption in Sensitive Question Research: New Evidence on the Crosswise Model and the Item Count Technique (PDF, 950 KB)

Tobias Rüttenauer
Extreme Weather Events and Environmental Attitudes and Behaviour: A Large-Scale Longitudinal Approach in the UK (PDF, 3,5 MB)

Sandra Jaworeck, Stefan Stemler, Peter Kriwy
It's sunny, be healthy. An international comparison of the influence of sun exposure and latitude lines on self-rated health


Please find the programm here (PDF, 260 KB)