Institut für Soziologie




Wintersemester 2008/2009

 December, 1-5, 2008.


Programme and lecture documentation (if available):


Monday, December 1st

  • Stefan Wehrli: Volunteer's Dilemma in Private eMail Help Requests
  • Wojtek Przepiorka: Coordination and Learning in the Volunteer's Dilemma
  • Ulf Liebe and Andreas Tutic: Status Groups and Dictator Games
  • Andreas Tutic: Bilateral Bargaining in Markets
  • Fabian Winter, Heiko Rauhut und Dirk Helbing: Experimental Perspectives on Norm Conflicts (PDF-Dokument, 861 Kb)
  • Heiko Rauhut: Enforcement of Social Norms in Low-Cost and High-Cost Situations
  • Werner Raub: Embedded Trust: An Experiment on Learning and Control Effects (PDF-Dokument, 762 Kb)


Tuesday, December 2nd


Wednesday, December 4th


Thursday, December 4th