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Zwei neue Publikationen von Roujman Shahbazian im Erscheinen


Shahbazian, R. (2021). "Under the Influence of Our Older Brother and Sister: The Association between Sibling Gender Configuration and STEM Degrees". Social Science Research, 97:102558.

This publication examines the association between sibling gender configuration and second-born siblings’ choice of so-called STEM educational fields in Sweden. The findings show that younger siblings, net of parental characteristics, are more likely to choose a STEM field if their older siblings already have acquired a STEM program.

Sepahvand, M.H. & Shahbazian, R. (2021). "Individual’s Risk Attitudes in sub-Saharan Africa: Determinants and Reliability of Self-Reported Risk in Burkina Faso". African Review of Economics & Finance, 13(1), pp 167-192.

This publication investigates the determinants of risk attitudes in three different domains and the reliability of survey data in a sub-Saharan African country, Burkina Faso, using a large representative panel survey of 31 677 individuals.