Institut für Soziologie




Wintersemester 2015/2016

November 16th to November 18th, 2015

Organization: Prof. Dr. Josef Brüderl and Dipl.-Soz. Patrick Riordan

 Venice WS 15/16 2


Monday, November 16th

  • Karl-Dieter Opp: The Poverty of Macro Laws in the Social Sciences
  • Wojtek Przepiorka and Ozan Aksoy: The production of a reputation premium: Bargain-hunting and herding in eBay auctions
  • Peter Kriwy and Carolin Durst: Losing body-weight by using Facebook
  • Fabian Winter and Axel Franzen: Diffusion of Responsibility in Norm Enforcement. Evidence from an N-Person Ultimatum Bargaining Experiment
  • Axel Franzen and Fabian Winter: Does Contagious Yawning in Humans Predict Prosocial Behavior?
  • Martina Kroher: How can normative and punitive cues affect deviant behaviour in traffic?
  • Thomas Gautschi: Risk Aversion and Network Exchange: Experimental Evidence on Nash-Bargining with
    Heterogeneous Risk Preferences
  • Bernhard Kittel, Georg Kanitsar, and Stefan Traub: Power, Endowments, and Preferences for Redistribution in Networks: An Experiment on
    Coordination in Networks
  • Basha Vicari and Martin Abraham: Do professional certificates really matter? A factorial survey on applicant selection in
  • Dominik Hangartner: Validating vignette and conjoint survey experiments against real-world behavior
  • Knut Petzold: Stepwise Decision-Making on Alternative Mobility Forms – A Factorial Survey among Swiss
    University Staff

Tuesday, November 17th

Wednesday, November 18th

Poster Sessions

Tuesday, November 17th

  • Ruben Bach and Stephanie Eckman: Changes in Labor Market Behavior due to Panel Conditioning in a German Panel Study
  • Marc Höglinger and Andreas Diekmann: An improved comparative sensitive question techniques evaluation study: detecting false positives
  • Konstantin Mozer: External Validation of a Factorial Survey with Longitudinal and Administrative Data
  • Stafan Neuß and Christian Knoller: Do Donations Trigger Moral Hazard: An Experimental Analysis
  • Fabian Ochsenfeld: Mercantilist dualization? The introduction of the Euro and the redistribution of firmrents in Germany, 1994-2008
  • Patrick Riordan and Christian Ganser: Wishful Thinking Can Improve Citizen Forecasts – Why?
  • Andreas Schneck, Maximilian Sonnauer, and Katrin Auspurg: Closed doors everywhere? A field experiment in the German rental housing market
  • Simon Seiler: Structural Change and Social Mobility in Europe
  • Felix Wolter and Jürgen Schiener: Determinants of Response Behavior in Survey-Interviews: Opinions on Fictitious Issues
  • Lukas Boesch: * Anthropogener Einfluss auf die Biodiversität in einer abgelegenen Region Guineas
  • Hanno Scholtz: * Institutions and Formal Theory: What Do We Learn From a Game-Theoretic Definition of Institutions?

Wednesday, November 18th

   * Poster without introduction