Institut für Soziologie




Wintersemester 2011/2012

November 28th to December 2nd, 2011

Organization: Prof. Norman Braun, Ph.D. and Dipl.-Soz. Patrick Riordan


Programme and Lecture Documentation (if available)

Monday, November 29th

  • Ivar Krumpal and Marc Trappmann: Social Desirability Bias in Measures of Illicit Work
  • Karl-Dieter Opp: The Beneficial and Unintended Consequences of False Beliefs About Norm Compliance (PDF, 104 KB)
  • Jörg Rössel: Classical Music Consumption: Application of a Wide Rational Choice Model (PDF, 92 KB)
  • Axel Franzen and Sonja Pointner: Testing External Validity Using the Misdirected Letter Technique
  • Johann Carstensen, Peter Kriwy and Gerhard Krug: Separating Selection from Mode Effects When Switching from Single (CATI) to Mixed Mode Design (CATI/Web) in a Health Survey
  • Katrin Auspurg, Thomas Hinz and Andreas Diekmann: Research Rating by Informed Peer Review
  • Sebastian Sattler, Carsten Sauer, Guido Mehlkop and Peter Graeff: How Scientists Decide Whether or Not to Take Prescription Drugs for Enhancing Cognitive Performance


Tuesday, November 29th

  • Marc Keuschnigg and Tobias Wolbring: Broken Windows
  • Andreas Diekmann and Wojtek Przepiorka: Social Norms and Punishment. The Sanctioning Dilemma
  • Heiko Rauhut: The Wisdom of Crowds
  • Ryan O. Murphy: Measuring Preferences and Beliefs to Predict Cooperative Decisions
  • Dominik Hangartner: Identification of Causal Education Effects Using a Discontinuity in School Entry Exams
  • Gerhard Krug: Returns to Job Search Via Social Networks. A Search Theoretic Perspective
  • Michael Mäs and Jacon Dijkstra: Can Cheap Talk Fuel Intergroup Conflict? Results from Two Experiments


Wednesday, November 30th


Thursday, December 1st


Poster Sessions

Tuesday, November 29th


Wednesday. November 30th


Thursday, December 1st